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What a pleasurable experience I had at "The Well". What needles?, pain gone. I think the word "Well" sums up my experience perfectly. That is how I felt after a wonderful session at your beautiful space. My nice experience was heightened by some great vibes felt through the spiritually uplifting reggae music you played on your sound system during my visit. I was experiencing chronic back-pain after my treatment there my back felt good and I was also breathing much better. Your medicine is the healing of the nation!
D.A., Gloucester
I have seen Bill and Rebecca for years. They are both exceptional practitioners with their own particular brand of magic. I remember one time I had to take an airplane ride in about 48 hours I was so congested that I thought I was going to have pneumonia. Bill did his 'blast it out' treatment for 2 days and I got on that plane with no problem. That was a miracle. Rebecca is one of the most elegant healers I have had. She has helped me to rebuild and unblock the many physical problems that I have had to recover from. I never see her without a full spiritual rejuvenation. I highly recommend that anyone try them both and see what works for you.
A.E., Rockport
I happily recommend Rebecca to anyone I know who is in pain and has unsuccessfully tried more "normal" methods like meds , P.T. or even other acupuncturists. Personally, I had tried acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, myofascial, shiatsu, & deep tissue massage as well as several rounds of of P.T. over ten years time. After suffering with chronic neck & shoulder pain I am pretty close to pain free....just some twinges now & then. It took several visits, but was well worth it.
B.P., Gloucester
I have nothing but great things to say about your acupuncture treatments! I especially love Rebecca's facials and the intensity of Bill's sessions. the music always enhances the experience, too.
A.A., Salem
The Well is a wonderful source of healing and a fabulous resource for maintaining good health. Personally, I have periodic treatments on an ongoing basis to restore and maintain balance. On occasion, a health challenge arises, and The Well provides the solution with an elegantly crafted treatment which incorporates thousands of years of Chinese Medicine with an insightful and intuitive understanding of what adjustments the body's energies need to promote healing. I feel so grateful to have The Well to go to... right here in our Cape Ann community!
D.D., Gloucester
I had chronic sciatica for 1 year 24/7. It was very debilitating. I went to The Well for Integrative Medicine and was told since the pain shot down past my knee, approximately nine visits would be necessary. Bill was absolutely right. I have now been pain free for the past 6 years. I lost 25 lbs and have kept it off. He even lowered my blood pressure. It surely is one stop shopping! Going to The Well for Integrative Medicine is the best thing I did. I have recommended this to many people. Even my chiropractor recommended people to go him because he was so impressed with my improvement. I am very happy to know and go to someone who is practicing Chinese medicine that has been around for thousands of years!
P.P., Gloucester
As a definite non-believer in non-traditional treatments, I came to Rebecca with some trepidation. The results speak for themselves. Rebecca was able to relieve chronic pain in my shoulder and has effectively treated more acute aches and pains. She is a competent and compassionate practitioner who educates as well as heals. I feel very lucky to have found her.
J.N., Gloucester
I went to Rebecca for treatment of tendinitis in my elbow. She has improved that condition more than any other practitioner I have seen, including treatment by two orthopedic surgeons and months of physical therapy. In addition, Rebecca has been helping me improve a bad shoulder, a very stiff neck, and digestive troubles -- issues I thought I just had a live with. I appreciate that Rebecca is clearly knowledgeable and experienced in her chosen field, serious in her approach, yet fun and gentle in dealing with me. It's also rare to find a practitioner who is so fair in her pricing and always takes me on time for my appointments. I highly recommend Rebecca.
J.E., Danvers
Rebecca is a genius! I had incredible back pain with my first pregnancy - massage just didn't cut it. The second time around I tried acupuncture. Rebecca not only kept my back pain at bay, she successfully addressed so many other pregnancy-related issues. With regular treatments, I was well-rested, pain-free, relaxed and energetic. I highly recommend Rebecca and The Well!
M.G., Salem

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